Some of the common problems and frustrations with Google Analytics 4.

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Google Analytics Automatically Created Properties Stink

Some people may like the Google Analytics automatically created property. I have not yet met those people.

Here’s a short article about why I think they belong in the trash pile. And how you can put yours there if you agree.

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GA4 Problems: What Can You Do About Them?

UPDATED: 8/11/23 Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is now the only option for collecting data with Google Analytics. But there are problems with GA4, at least for those of us who used and loved Universal Analytics (UA). In this author’s opinion, the new platform is still not yet as good as UA was. Let’s review 4 common GA4 problems and explore what options we have.

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GA4 Custom Dimensions: How to Set Up and Use in 7 Steps

UPDATED: 11/1/23 In Google Analytics 4 you need to register new event parameters as custom dimensions in order to see the data in all of your GA4 reports.

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