Google Analytics Conversion Tracking in GA4

Google Analytics conversion tracking is different in GA4 compared to Universal Analytics. In many ways, the process of setting up conversions is actually far simpler in the new version of Google Analytics. Let’s check it out in this guide.

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Google Analytics Tutorial For Beginners

Are you ready to learn about Google Analytics 4? This 1 hour Google Analytics tutorial for beginners will get you going with understanding theory and putting that into action.

Let’s do it!

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GA4 Account Hierarchy

The Google Analytics account structure is much different in GA4 compared to UA. The Account -> Property -> View arrangement of Universal Analytics is gone. We now have Account -> Property -> Data Stream in the GA4 account hierarchy.

But Data Streams don’t function anything like Views did. Let’s learn how it all works.

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GA4 Subdomain Tracking Explained

GA subdomain tracking works very differently than cross subdomain tracking in Universal Analytics. The good news is that tracking across subdomains is one of the places where GA4 has a big advantage over UA.

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Google Analytics Definitions: GA4 Defined in 2023

There is a lot going on with Google Analytics. This is even more true with GA4 which introduces some new terms. So let’s jump in to this list of Google Analytics definitions and get rolling!

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CSS Selectors in GTM and Element Visibility Trigger

It’s possible to create Google Analytics event data based on what is visible on the screen. We can do that with the element visibility trigger in GTM. And to use element visibility, we also need to know how to use CSS Selectors. This is a non technical guide about CSS Selectors and the element visibility trigger for any non-developers out there.

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GA4 Button Click Event Tracking: Set Up Guide With GTM

Button click tracking allows you to collect data every time an important button on your site is clicked. This guide walks through the process of setting up GA4 button click tracking. It includes an embedded tutorial of the same.

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GA4 Users Defined: Active Users vs. Total Users vs. New Users and Returning Users

The users dimension: it seems so innocuous and so obvious. Users are individuals who are doing things on your website or app. But like many things in the new Google Analytics, GA4 users are not exactly intuitive. In this blog post, we’ll define GA4 users and demystify Active Users vs. Total Users vs. New Users vs. Returning (established) Users. We’ll explore how we can see GA4 returning (established) users through a little custom work.

We’ll also show how to build an audience of returning users.

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GA4 vs Universal Analytics – 2023 Update

It’s 2023 and there are big changes in the world of digital analytics. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is replacing Universal Analytics (UA or GA3) and will be the only option for Google Analytics users beginning on July 1, 2023. Some of us are excited and some are lamenting the upcoming deprecation of UA, but it will be a major impact for everyone.

So let’s dig in and explore the most important differences of GA4 vs. Universal Analytics.

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GA4 Reports: Standard Reports, Explorations, Custom Reports, and More

GA4 reports function quite differently than reports in Universal Analytics. In this guide we’ll explain Standard Reports as well as the more advanced “Explorations.” We’ll also review Advertising Reports and provide tips for creating custom reports. Finally, we’ll touch on the role BigQuery and Looker Studio can play in reporting. Get ready for some serious Google Analytics reporting.

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