Google Analytics is changing and we hope for the better since Google Analytics 4 will be the only platform made available by Google in 2023. If you have been struggling to wrap your head around what is GA4 Google analytics and all of its new features, below is a list of commonly asked questions surrounding the new property. Feel free to comment any questions you may personally have about the new platform below this blog as well!
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10 Awesome Pittsburgh Businesses I Will Miss

Pittsburgh has been my home since I moved here in 2006 after college. I love this city. I love the food. I love the beer. I love the sports teams. Most of all, I love the people and the laid back vibe. Pittsburgh is a great place to meet smart, talented, and successful people who don’t act like they want to prove how smart, talented, and successful they are.

I’m moving to North Carolina next month. And while I’m looking forward to being closer to family in NC, there’s a lot I’m going to miss about Pittsburgh, including some cool businesses that do great things. So here’s my list of 10 awesome Pittsburgh businesses (and smattering of non profits) to make planning easier on my next trip back to the ‘burgh.

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GA4 Problems: What Can You Do About Them?

Starting in July of 2023, Google Analytics 4 (GA4) will be the only option for collecting data with Google Analytics. But there are problems with GA4, at least for those of us who used and loved Universal Analytics (UA). In this author’s opinion, the new platform is simply not yet as good as UA. So, let’s review 4 common GA4 problems and explore what options we have.

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Google Analytics 4 vs Universal Analytics

In the fall of 2020, Google rolled out Google Analytics 4 (GA4), the latest iteration of the Google Analytics platform. GA4 replaces Universal Analytics (UA) as the default for digital analytics measurement in GA. And now – in 2022 – Google announced that GA4 will be the only option beginning on July 1, 2023. This guide helps to answers some of those questions about Google Analytics 4 vs Universal Analytics. If you’re looking to get started with GA4 on your own, installation instructions are at the end of this guide.

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GA4 Setup: 6 Essential Tasks to Get the Jump on GA4

It’s happening. GA4 will be the only Google Analytics option in July 2023. If you want a solid GA4 setup, this guide will show you 6 essential setup tasks.

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Google Analytics in 2022: 7 Things You Should be Doing

Google Analytics is a powerful tool. It can also be challenging and frustrating . That’s especially true in 2022 as GA4 is the new “standard” (and will be our only option beginning in July of 2023) but it still lacks many of the capabilities of Universal Analytics (UA).

So here are 7 things you should be doing with Google Analytics in 2022 to get more out of the platform and better understand your data.

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SEO Considerations for Website Redesign

So you’re thinking about a website redesign but you don’t want to hurt your SEO standing. Kudos to you for giving SEO some thought before making any serious changes.

Read on for 5 important SEO considerations for website redesign that will equip you to make an informed decision.

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SEO in 2022: 8 Trends You Need to Know

The SEO landscape in 2022 will be more competitive, more reliant on AI and semantic search, and feature more Local searches than ever before.

These are the 8 SEO trends you need to know and how to use them in your SEO plans.

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Local SEO vs National SEO: What’s Different, What’s the Same, and How Do You Measure Them?

I remember when I was first confronted with a question related to local seo vs national SEO. When I first started learning about search marketing, I asked a friend for help with a local business. She asked me, “well, are you thinking about On Page SEO (national SEO) or Local SEO?”. I had no idea what she was talking about and it reinforced my belief that this whole world was a great big mystery designed to confuse me.

But I kept plugging away at all things SEO and the mysteries slowly started making sense. I hope this guide will clearly explain local SEO vs national SEO for anyone else who is confused like I was.

What’s the difference between the two? Where do their results show up? How are they similar? What platforms do you use for each? How can you best measure performance for local seo vs national SEO? All that and more in this blog!

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Events in GA4 vs UA

One of the most powerful features of GA4 is event tracking. Events are not tracked by default with Universal Analytics (Google Tag Manager is required), but they are the default tracking approach with GA4. This is a guided tour of event tracking and specifically, events in GA4 vs UA.

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