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Complianz Consent Mode v2 Setup With Google Tag Manager

If you’re using Complianz for cookie consent here’s how you can configure Complianz consent mode v2 with the help of Google Tag Manager.

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Google Analytics vs. Tag Manager

[Updated 3/22/24] Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager are tools that can be connected, but are nonetheless very different from each other. Here’s how to draw the distinction between Google Analytics vs. Tag Manager:

At the core, Google Analytics is a “web analytics” tool for analyzing your website. Google Tag Manager is a “tag management” tool for managing code snippets on your website. Let’s dive in to see what that means and how you can use both.

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GA4 Data Streams: A Simple Guide

GA4 data streams are what gets data into Google Analytics. This article explains how to work with data streams and has some cautions.

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GA4 Events Fully Explained: Video Tutorial (2024)

If you fully understand GA4 events, you can understand Google Analytics 4.

Google Analytics has an event-centric data model. Configuration, customization, and reporting are all geared around events. If you watch this embedded video events tutorial, the whole platform makes sense in a new way.

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GA4 Event Parameters: A Practical Guide

Updated: 1/23/24 Parameters are the additional pieces of data that add more context to Google Analytics events. And GA4 event parameters are one of the most confusing and least intuitive parts about the new Google Analytics.

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GA4 Google Search Console Linking: Get Search Console Data in Analytics

Updated 1/11/24: Google Search Console will show your top search queries, your ranks, and your top landing pages in Google organic search.

So if you want to find what specific search terms your visitors typed into Google before they found your website, you need to link Google Search Console with GA4. You should be able to complete it in 4 minutes or less. But first, one clarifying note.

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Google Analytics Automatically Created Properties Stink

Some people may like the Google Analytics automatically created property. I have not yet met those people.

Here’s a short article about why I think they belong in the trash pile. And how you can put yours there if you agree.

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GA4 Site Search: Analyze Your Site Search Queries

Updated 1/10/24 Google Analytics 4 allows you to track the specific queries searched on your site with the view_search_results enhanced measurement event. This provides useful information for all types of businesses. So whether you have an eCommerce store, a B2B site, or a blog, check out this guide to setting up GA4 site search.

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The New Google Tag: What You Need to Know

Google announced a big change in the fall of 2023. The new Google Tag template arrived in Google Tag Manager and it comes with some important implications for Google Analytics. Here’s what you need to know.

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GA4 Click Event

The GA4 click event is an enhanced measurement event that Google Analytics can track automatically. But it doesn’t track all clicks on its own.

In this article we’ll review what the click event tracks and explain how you can also track other important click events.

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