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GA4 Events Fully Explained: Video Tutorial (2024)

If you fully understand GA4 events, you can understand Google Analytics 4.

Google Analytics has an event-centric data model. Configuration, customization, and reporting are all geared around events. If you watch this embedded video events tutorial, the whole platform makes sense in a new way.

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Here are some relevant links if you’d like to do some additional reading. These concepts are also all demonstrated in the video.

Event Basics

You will need to know the connection between events, event parameters, and custom dimensions. And how to create your own custom dimension.

Types of GA4 Events

There are 4 types of events in Google Analytics 4.

  1. There are three “automatically collected events” that GA4 collects automatically. You can’t turn them off even if you wanted to. One includes the session_start event.
  2. GA4 will collect “enhanced measurement events” like outbound link clicks and the site search event as long as they are toggled on.
  3. GA4 has “recommended events” for certain types of sites that you need to set up. Google will recommend what naming conventions to use.
  4. There are also “custom events” where you come up with the tracking and the naming convention. Here’s how to make a GA4 custom event for a form submission without ever leaving GA4. And here’s another custom event for detailed scroll tracking that you can set up with the help of Google Tag Manager.

More with Events

For more event news, you might check out the Root & Branch YouTube channel or getting the free monthly newsletter.

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