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How to Integrate Microsoft Clarity and Google Analytics (GA4)

You may wonder, “Is it possible to integrate Microsoft Clarity with GA4?” The answer is a resounding “Yes.” However, the follow-up question might be, “What could possibly go wrong?” And that is what we’ll also discuss in this article. And if you might also be pondering, “Is there a more optimal approach?” Rest assured, I will also address that in this blog post. You’ll learn how to integrate Microsoft Clarity and Google Analytics (and beyond).

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Microsoft Clarity vs. Google Analytics

Microsoft has its own digital analytics tool called Clarity. But it serves a different purpose than Google Analytics. You’ll learn all about it in this comparison of Microsoft Clarity vs. Google Analytics.

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Microsoft Clarity Complete Tutorial: Setup, Analysis and More.

This comprehensive article will examine “Clarity,” a tool Microsoft offers. We will explore what this tool entails, its features, the process of setting it up, common misconceptions about Microsoft Clarity, how to create an account, how to utilise its data, integrate it with your marketing stacks, e-commerce measurement, id customisation, what and how to use custom tags. 

You’ll also get a gift, a link to a free checklist designed to streamline the setup process and ensure that all crucial steps don’t get skipped, plus a spreadsheet to document your setups.

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