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Our best SEO resources, created by Root & Branch, including how to optimize on page content, create and submit sitemaps, properly structure anchor text for internal links, take advantage of free features in Google My Business and more.

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How to Edit Robots.txt on WordPress

Robots.txt is one of those thing that many SEOs have heard of, but few of us really understand. The good news is that the robots.txt file does not need to be complicated. The better news is that it’s straightforward to edit robots.txt on WordPress.

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How to Add UTM Tags to Google My Business (GMB)

So you want to measure your traffic coming through your Google business listing? Great news. There’s a simple 5 step process to add UTM tags to Google My Business. Check it out.

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Google Tag Manager Basics: Master Tags and Triggers

Learning Google Tag Manager basics begins with mastering tags and triggers. So let’s master the theory of how tags and triggers work and then walk through the process of setting them up in GTM.

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How to Disavow Bad Links With Google Search Console

Did you know you can disavow toxic links in Google Search Console? That’s right, you can tell Google not to count those low quality, spam links against you. If that’s what you’re after read on to learn how to disavow bad links in 6 steps with Google’s Disavow Tool.

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The Best Google Analytics Spam Filter

There are few things more frustrating than looking in your Google Analytics data and seeing a huge spike in traffic that comes from or You’ve been spammed!

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Google Analytics Segments in GA4 vs. Universal Analytics (UA)

If you’re looking to build Google Analytics segments in either Google Analytics 4 (GA4) or Universal Analytics (UA), you’re doing more with your data than most. Congrats!

Custom segments allow you to analyze a subset of your Google Analytics data so you can better understand your users and our website (or app). Let’s take a look at how to build custom segments in both GA4 and UA. And if you’re interested in a broader comparison of these two property types of Google Analytics first, you can head on over to this comparison guide on GA4 vs. Universal Analytics.

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Local SEO Pricing: How Much Does Local SEO Cost in 2021?

Local SEO matters for any business or other organization that wants to show up consistently and accurately online. This matters in terms of brand management, customer usability, and performance on the Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page). But what about the cost? This guide explains Local SEO pricing and has a link to review our Local SEO contract.

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Acquisition Reports in Google Analytics 4 vs. Universal Analytics

So you’re learning about the new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) property and how it compares to Universal Analytics.

Congratulations, you’re on the right track! Many of us (like this author) will miss Universal Analytics, but Google has told us that GA4 will be the future.

One of the most important areas to understand is how traffic comes to our site, and how those various traffic channels perform. So let’s take a look at 3 things we need to know about traffic acquisition reports in GA4 and how they compare to UA.

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How Do I Add Metrics to Google Analytics?

Have you connected your Google Analytics account to your website?

Congratulations, you’re ready to start tracking your website’s performance and find what strategies work best.

But, before you get to data analysis, how about customizing your dashboard?

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Importance of Context for SEO: More Text is not Better Context

This guest blog about Contextual Search and corresponding SEO A/B Case Study comes our way from Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR, Founder at Holistic SEO & Digital.

Contextual Search is searching on the web based on the different contexts for the same queries. A query can deliver different results on a rainy, or sunny day. A search engine results page design can change from winter to summer, or even from morning to evening.

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