Looker Studio Resources

How to Back Up Universal Analytics Data

The end is nigh. Universal Analytics is getting deprecated. That means your historical Google Analytics data will soon disappear. 

If you’re planning on backing up your historical Universal Analytics data, now is the time and this article is for you.

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GA4 Conversion Rate Reporting: 3 Options in Looker Studio

When working with Google Analytics (GA4) data in Looker Studio, it is possible to receive requests to have your report include insight on the individual performance of GA4 conversions in your Analytics property. Such performance metrics may include conversion counts and conversion rates at both the session and user levels. If you want to learn how to present this information effectively in your dashboard, continue reading, as I will introduce various methods available.

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Looker Studio API Limits: Deal With GA4 Quotas

If you’re using Looker Studio to report on your GA4 data, you may have been hit with the Looker Studio API limits. Your use of data is rationed and you’ve exceeded your allotment (aka, your quota).

Here’s what’s happening and how you can manage it.

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Update Your Looker Data Source

If you have existing Looker Studio reports that use your GA4 data, you may need to update your Looker data source to see all the dimensions and metrics you need. This short guide shows you how.

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