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GA4 Click Event

The GA4 click event is an enhanced measurement event that Google Analytics can track automatically. But it doesn’t track all clicks on its own.

In this article we’ll review what the click event tracks and explain how you can also track other important click events.

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GA4 Session Start Event Explained

The session_start event is one of three automatically collected events in GA4. Google Analytics collects session_start every time a new session (a new visit) begins on your site. The event counts total sessions.

Not only can you use the session start event to keep tabs on your total site visits, but you can use the event to create segments and audiences from your users. You’ll learn how in this article.

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Automatically Collected Events in GA4

Automatically collected events are the foundation of GA4 event tracking. Unlike other events, there is nothing you need to do to set them up. They are collected – you guessed it – automatically.

Let’s review the three automatically collected events and how you can use them in your analysis.

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GA4 Custom Dimensions: How to Set Up and Use in 7 Steps

UPDATED: 11/1/23 In Google Analytics 4 you need to register new event parameters as custom dimensions in order to see the data in all of your GA4 reports.

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Regex for GA (For Dummies)

Are you an absolute wizard with regular expressions in GA4? If so, this blog is almost certainly not for you. If, however, you are are new to regex and / or GA4, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the unpretentious and (hopefully) practical guide to regex for GA4. We’ll learn about some regex basics and review 4 specific ways we can use regular expressions in Google Analytics 4.

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Google Analytics Conversion Tracking in GA4

Google Analytics conversion tracking is different in GA4 compared to Universal Analytics. In many ways, the process of setting up conversions is actually far simpler in the new version of Google Analytics. Let’s check it out in this guide.

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CSS Selectors in GTM and Element Visibility Trigger

It’s possible to create Google Analytics event data based on what is visible on the screen. We can do that with the element visibility trigger in GTM. And to use element visibility, we also need to know how to use CSS Selectors. This is a non technical guide about CSS Selectors and the element visibility trigger for any non-developers out there.

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GA4 Button Click Event Tracking: Set Up Guide With GTM

Button click tracking allows you to collect data every time an important button on your site is clicked. This guide walks through the process of setting up GA4 button click tracking. It includes an embedded tutorial of the same.

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GA4 Custom Events: How to Create Events WITHOUT Tag Manager

Did you know you can create custom events in GA4 without using Google Tag Manager? It’s true, you can create GA4 custom events with the event interface. But it’s worth doing this carefully because you can negatively affect your data integrity if you aren’t sure what you’re doing.

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GA4 Scroll Tracking

Google Analytics 4 will track scroll activity by default with the ‘scroll’ enhanced measurement event. However, this event will only register an event once a visitor achieves a scroll depth of 90%. What if you want to measure more precise GA4 scroll tracking activity? If you want, for example, to track scroll at 25%, 50%, 75%, and 90% you’ll need more advanced scroll tracking. That’s where this tutorial can help.

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