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UTM Parameters in Google Analytics (GA4)

Updated: 11/11/23 UTM parameters are simply little bits of tracking information appended to the end of a URL in a link. They communicate with Google Analytics and can provide a great deal of helpful information for digital marketers that use them properly. Whether you’re entirely new to Google Analytics UTM parameters or used UTMs with the prior version of Google Analytics, this guide has you covered.

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GA4 Engagement Rate Explained

Updated: 11/8/23 The GA4 engagement rate metric is a helpful way to measure your site’s traffic quality. But what is it, exactly?
To understand engagement rate, we also need to understand what makes an engaged session and how it’s related to bounce rate. The good news is we can do all these things. So, let’s go do it!

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Google Analytics Conversion Tracking in GA4

Google Analytics conversion tracking is different in GA4 compared to Universal Analytics. In many ways, the process of setting up conversions is actually far simpler in the new version of Google Analytics. Let’s check it out in this guide.

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GA4 Reports: Standard Reports, Explorations, Custom Reports, and More

GA4 reports function quite differently than reports in Universal Analytics. In this guide we’ll explain Standard Reports as well as the more advanced “Explorations.” We’ll also review Advertising Reports and provide tips for creating custom reports. Finally, we’ll touch on the role BigQuery and Looker Studio can play in reporting. Get ready for some serious Google Analytics reporting.

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GA4 Explorations: Advanced GA4 Reporting

GA4 Explorations help to uncover deeper insights in your data. This reporting functionality is built into Google Analytics 4, but it takes some getting used to. We’ll review how it all works in this Explorations guide.

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GA4 Standard Reports Explained

GA4 standard reports are arranged quite differently than the standard reports in Universal Analytics. To start, there are fewer of them, and they are also not all a 1:1 match. In this guide we’ll explain standard reports and we’ll provide tutorials on how customize them to build some of the most useful Google Analytics 4 reports.

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GA4 and BigQuery: Linking Google Analytics 4 with BigQuery

Google Analytics 4 has a number of drawbacks, especially for those who really liked Universal Analytics. But the linking of GA4 with Google BigQuery is objectively one of the benefits. After all, this was a paid feature with Universal Analytics while the GA4 BigQuery linking is free. Let’s check it out in this blog.

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GA4 Path Exploration: How to Use Path Analysis

GA4 path exploration is a big time upgrade over Universal Analytics. With this new feature you can conduct a path analysis from a starting point OR from an ending point. This latter feature is brand new functionality and is a reason to be excited about GA4.

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Acquisition Reports in Google Analytics 4 vs. Universal Analytics

So you’re learning about the new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) property and how it compares to Universal Analytics.

Congratulations, you’re on the right track! Many of us (like this author) will miss Universal Analytics, but Google has told us that GA4 will be the future.

One of the most important areas to understand is how traffic comes to our site, and how those various traffic channels perform. So let’s take a look at 3 things we need to know about traffic acquisition reports in GA4 and how they compare to UA.

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