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UTM Parameters in Google Analytics (GA4)

Updated: 11/11/23 UTM parameters are simply little bits of tracking information appended to the end of a URL in a link. They communicate with Google Analytics and can provide a great deal of helpful information for digital marketers that use them properly. Whether you’re entirely new to Google Analytics UTM parameters or used UTMs with the prior version of Google Analytics, this guide has you covered.

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GA4 vs Universal Analytics – 2023 Update

UPDATED: 8/22/23 It’s 2023 and there are big changes in the world of digital analytics. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is replacing Universal Analytics (UA or GA3). Google has stopped processing new hits in Universal Analytics properties beginning on July 1, 2023. Some of us are excited and some are lamenting the end of UA, but it is a major impact for all.

So let’s dig in and explore the most important differences of GA4 vs. Universal Analytics.

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Google Analytics Definitions: GA4 Defined in 2023

There is a lot going on with Google Analytics. This is even more true with GA4 which introduces some new terms. So let’s jump in to this list of Google Analytics definitions and get rolling!

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GA4 Setup Tutorial: 10 Steps to Install and Configure GA4

It’s happening. GA4 will be the only Google Analytics option in July 2023. If you want a solid GA4 setup, this guide will show you how to install and configure your GA4 setup in 10 steps.

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GA4 Event Parameters: A Practical Guide

Parameters are the additional pieces of data that add more context to Google Analytics events. That simple line obscures the fact that GA4 event parameters are one of the most confusing and least intuitive parts about the new Google Analytics.

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Events in GA4 vs UA

One of the most powerful features of GA4 is event tracking. Events are not tracked by default with Universal Analytics (Google Tag Manager is required), but they are the default tracking approach with GA4. This is a guided tour of event tracking and specifically, events in GA4 vs UA.

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