7 Things to Look for in a Digital Marketing Agency in 2020

As marketing your business online continues to become increasingly important in 2020, so does the importance of choosing the right digital marketing agency to help your business succeed. Not only is a new year upon us, but a new decade. The impact that technology has had over the past 10 years is only going to accelerate as we turn the page to this next decade. We believe 2020 will continue to introduce changes for how businesses should position themselves online in order to keep up with the advancing digital landscape.

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How to Set Up Google Shopping: Google Merchant Center, Product Feeds and Campaigns

So, you want to know how to set up Google Shopping? You’ve come to the right place. We were asking the same question a few months ago and found there weren’t a ton of great guides that dealt with the entire process from beginning to end. This is a step by step review of the major milestones that will get you to launching a Google Shopping Campaign. Other articles will do a more detailed job of explaining how to optimize and refine different parts of the process, while this one is designed to provide a higher-level view.

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Why You Need a PPC Audience Strategy

Whether you’re in the Manual CPC camp or are adopting automated bidding, having an audience strategy can improve PPC campaign performance. Using audiences in Google Ads allows you to be sure your ads are showing to the right person at the right time. Audiences are powerful tools that can help maximize your returns when optimized properly. Google states that “audiences are groups of people with specific interests, intents, and demographics.” They are estimated based on search signals that allow Google to determine their interests or intents, they are based on your list of customers that you upload, or those who visit your site.

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Holiday Tips for PPC Campaigns

’Tis the season for PPC optimizations. If you haven’t started, it’s not too late, and if you have prepared, there still might be some tips to help maximize your return this season. Put your best foot forward with these holiday tips for PPC campaigns for a successful season.

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Video Marketing | 6 Keys to a Plan That Works

Video marketing can be incredibly effective in helping to promote a product or service. The dynamic medium can increase reach and engagement across digital platforms, educate potential customers to move them through a conversion funnel, and answer questions to turn prospects into customers.

Video marketing is also usually expensive, which is a big reason why it can be so hard to do well. That’s why we’ve co-written this piece with Dan Helbling – owner of a small video production company – and developed 6 keys to a video marketing plan that works.

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What Really Happens on a Facebook Marketing Expert Call?

Has your email inbox recently been receiving invitations to schedule a Facebook Marketing Expert call? If so, you likely manage a business account in Facebook (or multiple!). You may also have been regularly spending a decent amount of money on Facebook advertising and other social media services. We, too, have been seeing these emails for a while now for multiple Facebook business accounts that we manage. Instead of ignoring them, the enticing “earn $50 in ad credit” line officially won us over. Hook, line, and sinker. We’ll lay out what you can expect from a Facebook Marketing Expert call based on our experience.

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Squarespace Blogs | 5 Basics For Publishing

You are an SEO writing expert with a command of keyword research, knowledge of appropriate title tag and meta description construction, and a steadfast commitment to your internal links to always have appropriate anchor text. Awesome. You have your blogging game-face on as you sit down at your laid back coffee spot, preparing to crank out a minimum of 600 words on a topic where you can add helpful content with a unique perspective. Check. You have your latte in hand and your laptop sticker density correctly identifies you as a digital marketing dork. Contact! But wait…you recall that this particular blog is for a new client that doesn’t have a WordPress site. It’s a Squarespace site, a less complicated CMS, but one that can still can pose some questions to those who are new to the platform. Before you abort the SEO writing mission, here are 5 basics to get you though publishing your first Squarespace blogs.

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Customer Care is Good Marketing – 4 Keys to Remember

Good marketing is based on the general idea that organizations want to attract qualified prospects, and then retain them for the future. For those who buy in to our way thinking (seems like common sense on this side), it seems obvious that customer care is a critical part of that process. After all, what’s the point of attracting the best prospects if you plan to push them away after converting them? For those who want to consider this kind of business suicide, we say just get to the point and alienate them immediately!

Hyperbole aside, we continue to be amazed at just how many organizations don’t seem to understand the clear link between good customer service and healthy, productive marketing .

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The Google Marketing Platform and Other Big Changes From the Big G

Big news from the big hitters in digital marketing this week. Google announced a number of changes with serious implications for agencies, clients, and existing providers of integrated digital marketing platforms.

So what’s happening?

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The Value of Online Search (Would You Give Up Google for $17,500 a Year?)

What if someone told you that you had to give up most of your Internet services for a year? What would you miss the most between social media, e-commerce, video streaming, GPS and Maps, email, or online search? How much would you need to be compensated in order to give up those things for that year?

According to a recent study, it’s not even close in terms of what people value: online search wins in a landslide. In fact, the median value that people said they would need to be compensated to give up internet search for a year is a whopping $17,500! This compares to about $8,500 for email, around $3,500 for GPS and maps, $1,150 for video streaming, $850 for access to Ecommerce, and just over $300 for social media (that’s all of the social platforms combined, sorry Facebook).

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