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How To: Set Up a New Wix Blog

This blog post is for our Wix users. If you use this highly customizable website platform, listen up! Are you eager to articulate the power of your products? Dying to divulge your particular set of skills? If so, its time to create a Wix blog. With this free feature, you can instantly share your knowledge with your website visitors and attract new traffic with superior content. Read our how-to guide to get your blogging journey started. (Note: Some site templates come with a blog already installed. If this applies to you, skip step 1. Lucky for you, you won’t have to make that first click.)

Add the Wix Blog

Log into your Wix site and navigate to your Wix editor. Along your main left-hand navigation panel is the Blog icon which looks like a pen tip. Once you add your blog, you will now be able to add posts. Before that, you should first edit the SEO parameters of your Wix blog.

Wix Blog Setup

Update SEO Parameters for New Blog Page

Now that you have a new Wix blog on your site, you will want your blog and your blog posts to be able to be found by Google. This can be done by updating the SEO parameters of your new blog page. Select “Manage Pages” at the bottom page navigation bar. Select Dots icon of the blog page. Click the SEO (Google) tab to update title tag and meta description.

You can also rename your page via the “Rename” option. If you choose to do so, make sure your page URL matches the title. For example, if you change the page title from “Blog” to “News,” your URL should now contain “News.”

Wix Blog Setup Wix Blog Setup

Finally, make sure your new blog page is crawlable. This means that search engine bots will be allowed to crawl the page so that it can show up in relevant searches. You can check this option by turning it on at the bottom of the SEO (Google) tab.

Wix Blog Setup

Blog Permissions and Privacy

Your Wix blog allows you to set the privacy of your posts in the Permissions tab. By default, the blog page is viewable by everyone. For this step, you must consider what audience your blog is for and what your goal of your blog is. For example, are you trying to drive traffic to your site by writing about your products and services? If so, you would probably want your blog to be viewable by all. If you are creating special content for a select group of people, such as donors or those on your email lists, you may want a password protected blog page.

How to Get Wix Blog to Show Up in Navigation

Next, you will need to decide if you want your blog page viewable in your main menu navigation. This page can be shown or hidden throughout your site. If you choose to hide the blog page by toggling on the “Hide from menu” button below, users will only be able to navigate to the page via the link or a search. For more detailed information, you can check out the help article from Wix here.

Wix Blog Setup

Wix Post Page Settings

When you create a Wix blog, two pages are created on your site: the Blog page and the Post page. The Blog page is the hub where all your blog posts will be organized. The Post page is a template page. It doesn’t show up as a viewable page. Instead this template is the master guide for how all your individual blog post pages will look.

Wix Blog Setup

Any changes you make to the Post template page will affect all your blog posts. You may edit the Header & Footer layout and the Permissions here.

Wix Blog Setup WIx Blog Setup

How to Create Your First Wix Blog Post

Navigate back to the main Blog icon. There you can create your first blog post. This will open the blog post editor. There you can add anything from written content to photos and video.

Wix Blog Setup

Add Content to Your Blog Post

Add your blog post title and written copy. The Wix blog’s easy editor allow you to add images and videos easily to any section of your post. You can also add headers within your post to make the content easier to read.

After you have written your blog post, navigate to the Post Settings in the right-hand corner. You can update the author (if your site has multiple users), your blog post’s excerpt (that will show on your blog page depending on your layout), and the header image (also will show on your blog page depending on your layout) in the General settings. Next, you can update the blog post’s SEO in the SEO settings tab. There you can edit the URL, title, and description. Then, you can create “Categories” that will sort your blog posts in any fashion you desire (ex. types of marketing, social media platforms, bidding strategies, ect.). Keep in mind, when you create and tag your posts with categories, Wix creates discrete URLs of your blog post for each category you tag. This can be a problem for your site’s SEO. We recommend you do not bother with blog post categories. Finally, you can save, publish, or schedule your post in the lower right-hand corner of the “Post Settings” navigation panel.

Wix Blog Setup

Wix Blog Setup

Customize Your Blog and Posts Design

Now you have a fully functional Wix Blog! With Wix, there are many options for design. Your final step is to customize your blog and posts to fit your website. When you navigate to the blog page and post page, click the editor and click settings. You will have access to a list of items from Layouts to Display in the left-hand corner for you to customize.

WIx Blog Setup

After that, all that’s left to do is to create enticing content for your audience! If you want tips on how to attract new users, read our SEO writing blog. In 9 steps, you will learn how to blog like an SEO pro.

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  1. Joquim
    Joquim says:

    Hi, I’ve always admired WIX. All the images of my site were indexed on Google and my site was up in search. After installing ECWID, my URL got messed up and all the images from my website got de-indexed from Google. Everything looks okay on Search Console though. WIX says that there are no issues from their side. I’m just wondering how come the entire visual content from my website got vanished overnight?

    • Zack Duncan
      Zack Duncan says:

      That’s too bad. It sounds like there was an issue with Ecwid. I’m not familiar with that plugin, but if you haven’t already I’d recommend following up with them or finding someone who has a lot of expertise with that tool. Best of luck to you.

    • Zack_Duncan
      Zack_Duncan says:

      I prefer WordPress because there’s a lot more functionality. But Wix certainly isn’t bad and has a lot more features than it used to. How about you?


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