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MailChimp Pop Up Forms: 5 Step Set Up With Pictures

MailChimp pop up forms are a great tool for growing your email list. Here’s how to set them up.

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How Do I Create a Pop Up Form in MailChimp?

There are 5 things to do:

  1. Log in to MailChimp and access the Pop-up form builder
  2. Create your Pop-up with Style, Layout, and Settings feature
  3. Add new fields to your Pop-up if necessary
  4. Change the header image if necessary
  5. Connect the Pop-up to your website

You can read all about it below, or follow along in the video and have everything done in 8 minutes.

Still here, eh? That’s great. Read on below.

Access the Pop-Up Form Builder in MailChimp

Let’s build your MailChimp pop up form. First, log in to MailChimp.

Then, access “Signup Forms” within the Audience section of the left-hand navigation. Like this.

mailchimp pop up form builder

Now, select “Subscriber Popup”.

Create Your Pop Up With Style, Layout, and Settings Features

You can customize your MailChimp pop up with the following three features: style, layout, and settings.

style, layout, and settings for mailchimp pop up

Let’s start with “style”. You can choose your font and your font size. You can also choose the colors of your Headings and your Paragraphs & Labels.

Like this.

style settings mailchimp pop up

Now, choose from one of three options for your layout. You can have a pop up with an image on the right, a pop up with an image on the right, or a pop up with an image above the sign up field. I chose the third option for mine, but do whatever feels right, you’re an independent thinker.

layout settings mailchimp pop up

Choose your settings. You can determine the opacity of your pop up and when it will actually display. I want my pop up to display when a reader scrolls to the middle of the page, so you can see that I’ve made that decision here.

You can also choose whether the pop up shows in the bottom right hand corner of your page or in the middle. Lastly, you can turn off the MailChimp Badge if you have a paid version.

overlay settings mailchimp pop up

Add New Fields to Your Pop Up if Necessary

You’ll need to add new fields if you want to collect more information than just an email address.

Go to “Settings” and then select “Audience fields and *|MERGE|* tags”.

Like this.

new fields for mailchimp pop up

I wanted to add a field for first name. but you can add other fields as well.

audience fields and merge tags

Here’s mine after I added the First Name field. You can use the small arrows at the extreme left of the image below to adjust the order of your fields in your pop up form.

add new field for first name

Change the Header Image of Your Pop Up Form if Necessary

You may want to use a custom header image for your pop up form. I did.

Just like into the header and then click “Replace”. You’ll be able to upload a new image to use for your header.

change header image of mailchimp pop up form

Here’s what the pop up form looked like for the Root and Branch newsletter after making all of these changes.

mailchimp pop up form example

By the way, if you’re interested in a free monthly newsletter with more resources like this, you can sign up here. When you sign up, you get a bonus of our 10 best training resources.

Connect the Pop Up to Your Website

Now, it’s time to get your pop up live on your site. Click “Save & Publish” to finish your form and get the code.

save and publish pop up form

You can now see the code to get your MailChimp pop up form live on your site. Click into the code to copy it.

Note: If you ever lose track of the code, you can find it in the Integrations (Integrations -> Manage Integrations) section of MailChimp.

code for mailchimp pop up

Head over to your site. Depending on what kind of site you have, you may choose to hard code the snippet into your backend. If you use WordPress, a plugin like Header Footer Code Manager will work great to get it on your site. That’s what I’ve used below.

Check it out, along with the codes I’ve used to set up Google Tag Manager and the Facebook domain verification.

mailchimp pop up code

This is the snippet for the MailChimp pop up.

code snippet for mailchimp pop up

This plugin has a nice feature where you can choose which pages display the pop up. As you can see below, you can choose from options like the entire site or specific posts or pages.

header footer code manager

All Done!

Congratulations! You should now be collecting email address through your MailChimp Pop Up.

If you’re still reading this guide, thanks for sticking with me. Based on your interest in this article, here are 3 things you also might find helpful or otherwise interesting.

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Thanks! And have a wonderful rest of your day out there.

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